The Energinox range of products are topical solutions created for the treatment of hair loss. Energinox combines Minoxidil with other ingredients to provide products with greater activity against hair loss. We also supply a Minoxidil free solution.  


Energy is vital to life. When a cell's energy supply is diminished, it has difficulty in maintaining it's function. In the case Androgenic Alopecia, there is a lowering of cellular metabolic activity in the hair follicle caused by the hormone DHT. Once these follicles start to lose their function they miniaturize, causing visibly thinner hair. This process of follicle miniaturization and the lowering of cellular energy levels continues until the follicle eventually dies. If you are suffering from hair loss, it is important to use a high quality product that can revitalize and re-energize the hair follicles and use it as soon as possible as Androgenic Alopecia causes the slow dying of follicles and once the follicle is dead it cannot be brought back to life. By increasing energy levels, you will be providing much needed energy to continue hair growth.   


Our Commitment to Low Prices 

What makes us different is not only our products but also our business model. We strive to provide the lowest prices, that is why we only sell online directly to our customers. By only selling online we are able to keep our business costs low, we are then able to pass on our savings to our customers. You will not find our products in shops as we do not sell our products wholesale to retailers, as they then raise the final price by as much as 50%. We offer reasonably priced products without compromising on quality. 






The Energy Therapy Range

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